Zero Vision for malnutrition in the elderly

Reference number 2018-04255
Coordinator SKÅNES LIVSMEDELSAKDEMI - Skånes Livsmedelsakademi
Funding from Vinnova SEK 1 481 080
Project duration November 2018 - July 2019
Status Ongoing
Venture Vision-driven health
Call Health Missions

Purpose and goal

The purpose is to develop a Swedish Zero Vision for Malnutrition among the Elderly. As many as up to six out of ten patients in the elderly care system can be undernourished. That causes both personal suffering, and high social costs. The goal is to develop and anchor an action of how to achieve the vision. The strategy will be anchored and implemented in a new ecosystem with all related stakeholders; the elderly associations municipalities, regions / healthcare, food companies, researchers and entrepreneurs.

Expected results and effects

The outcome of the project is expected to be a clear, anchored strategy for reaching the zero vision, a national partnership with stakeholders from several parts of Sweden and a new ecosystem for matching innovations that meet the challenges. The effects are expected to be that malnourishment among the elderly is nonexistent. Simultaneously, a new ecosystem that generates both profitable companies, better private and public sector partnerships and reduced social costs will be established.

Planned approach and implementation

The project develops the milestones, activities and methods that are needed to achieve the zero vision. Starting with identifying gaps, problems and challenges in malnutrition among the elderly in Kävlinge municipality. These are discussed in systemic meetings with food companies, other municipalities, healthcare, PRO, entrepreneurs and researchers in order to find feasible solutions. The stakeholders commit to test the possible solutions. The work is disseminated to stakeholders nationally and will provide the basis for the strategy for achieving the zero vision.

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