Reagent kits for the next generation of in situ sequencing

Reference number 2018-03167
Coordinator CartaNA AB
Funding from Vinnova SEK 900 000
Project duration December 2018 - May 2020
Status Ongoing
Venture Innovative Startups
Call Innovative Startups Step 2 autumn 2018

Purpose and goal

In this project we will develop the next generation of in situ sequencing (ISS) technology, which will be faster and more sensitive than the previous ISS technique, and makes it possible to broaden the application on sample types that can be analyzed. In parallel, we will do a more detailed market analysis of industrial (Biotech & Pharma) customers. Taken together, we will create all prerequisites to go out on the right target market with a globally strong and competitive product.

Expected results and effects

Successful project completion will strengthen our business case, attract more private investors and generate jobs and know-how in Sweden, and ultimately helps researchers and Pharma to unravel complex diseases and find new cures.

Planned approach and implementation

We will (i) develop the next generation of ISS technology that broadens the range of sample types that can be analyzed, and further increases our strong edge towards competitors. Secondly, we will (ii) establish an improved production pipeline for in-house production of new ISS reagent kits. In parallel, we will (iii) more deeply assess the need and market size for industrial customers (Biotech and Pharma companies). And finally, we will (iv) test and validate the new ISS reagent kits with 5 customers at the customer´s location.

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