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PexyEazy - a new operation method for treatment of haemorrhoids.

Reference number
Coordinator Developeration AB
Funding from Vinnova SEK 300 000
Project duration October 2017 - March 2018
Status Completed
Venture Innovative Startups

Important results from the project

The purpose of the project is to develop a new instrument for surgical treatment of haemorrhoids. The instrument has a smaller diameter than today’s methods and the application of the sutures are facilitated, which makes it possible to perform the operation without anaesthesia and in only 10 minutes. The method is estimated to lower the cost by 70%, reduce postoperative pain and patients that are excluded from surgery due to chronic diseases may receive treatment. The public costs and sick leave may be reduced due to less postoperative complications and better availability for surgery.

Expected long term effects

A prototype that apply a double running suture was developed, which results in better folding of the mucosa and less risk of bleeding. A double needle that docks with the ends of the sutures was developed, which enables passage of the suture through the mucosa. Furthermore, the design was improved with three hatches, which enables that three haemorrhoids may be treated at the same time resulting in faster operation. A knot pusher with integrated light and a vacuum indicator has also been developed for better and safer handling of the instrument.

Approach and implementation

Through cooperation with Veryday AB, a prototype with three operation chambers, and double needles was developed and tested for handling and function on pigs. It resulted in further development of a fully functional device with better ergonomics, vacuum indicator and a knot pusher with integrated light source. Further test of the device was made on pigs, which confirmed good function and an operation time of <10 minutes. if further grant is achieved a pre examination instrument will be developed and the basic function of the method will be tested in a clinical study for ce-registration.>

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Reference number 2017-04063

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