Functionalized graphene quantum dots as drug carrier

Reference number 2018-03313
Coordinator SHT Smart High-Tech Aktiebolag
Funding from Vinnova SEK 300 000
Project duration December 2018 - September 2019
Status Ongoing
Venture The strategic innovation programme for graphene
Call 2017-05429-en

Purpose and goal

This project will address the strategic area in biotech within in the SIO Grafen Agenda. The project aims at exploring the potential use of graphene quantum dots with high purity and exact size control to act as potential mRNA delivery system. We need to understand what the key parameters are to use graphene material as the drug carrier, based on surface modification and functionalization of graphene quantum dots.

Expected results and effects

Graphene-based nanomaterials have the potential to be used as RNA-drug carriers through functionalized surface groups, and it is supposed to have lower cytotoxicity and higher efficiency than traditional drug delivery vehicles. At the present time, we still face some challenges to control the size and number of layers for graphene to keep reproducible dimensions and properties. Within the pre-study, we will find a way to get well controlled, homogenous distributed size and shape of graphene quantum dots, and make sure the surface functional group is biocompatible.

Planned approach and implementation

This project involves three partners: AstraZeneca AB (AZ), SHT Smart High Tech AB, and Chalmers. This project is supposed to be a six-month pre-study starting from 2018-12-01. Chalmers and SHT will do the literature survey to review the potential graphene material in drug delivery system, SHT will also do the experimental work on preparing graphene quantum dots and its functionalization.The developed materials will be brought to AZ to do a preliminary characterization of the graphene-RNA complex. The final results will be evaluated to decide if we should move on for next step.

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