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Strategic innovation program SIO Grafen

The strategic innovation programme SIO Graphene, has the objective of increasing the use of graphene in Swedish industry. With this offer we want to participate in the establishment of graphene within Swedish industry. The venture must also reinforce the knowledge transfer between different industries and contribute to Swedish graphene based products reaching the market.

Open for application

Demonstrator projects for commercial applications with 2D-materials - 2024
Closes in 3 months

With this project call, SIO Grafen wants to accelerate Swedish innovation in 2D materials through demonstrator projects that develop value chains, strengthen cooperation and stimulate Swedish manufacturing of 2D materials.

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Closed for application

Collaboration around commercial applications with graphene - autumn 2023
Closed 7 December 2023

We finance project that at different TRL levels can contribute to new commercial applications with 2D materials.

FLAG ERA III, Joint Transnational Call 2023 (graphene)
Closed 1 June 2023

The call refers to international cooperation for demand-driven research in the 2D materials sector. The call is administrated through the European collaboration program FLAG-ERA with the aim to promote research and innovation in the 2D materials field to strengthen industry, competitiveness and shift towards a circular economy.

Collaboration for commercial applications of graphene - Spring 2023
Closed 26 April 2023

We finance feasibility studies and preparatory projects for the development of commercial applications with graphene.

Collaboration on commercial applications with graphene (autumn 2022)
Closed 8 December 2022

In this call three types of cooperation projects are financed: Feasibility studies, Innovation projects and Demonstrator projects. The projects should, on different TRL levels, contribute to new commercial applications using 2D-material.

Samverkan för kommersiella tillämpningar av grafen: Genomförbarhetstudier och förberedelseprojekt
Closed 28 April 2022

I det här erbjudandet finansieras genomförbarhetsstudier och förberedelseprojekt som syftar till att långsiktigt utveckla kommersiella tillämpningar med grafen.

SIO Grafen: Collaboration on commercial applications with graphene - autumn 2021
Closed 8 December 2021

SIO Grafen: Collaboration on commercial applications with graphene - autumn 2021

Preparation project for Innovation and Demonstration projects
Closed 18 June 2021

Offer for those of you who are applying for this autumn's call for proposals within SIO Grafen and need to develop the project proposal and value chain.

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