Innovations in the midst of a crisis

Published: 27 March 2020

Vinnova is calling on innovative ideas to address the wider impact of the corona crisis. We want to attract projects that support our society in a challenging time. New solutions should be ready to be put into practice within six to twelve months.

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- In the current situation, we see a great need to support initiatives that can contribute to a change of operations and production in a short time, says Erik Borälv, responsible for Vinnova's new effort.

Focusing on social benefits and economic recovery

The offer turning to initiatives in all areas of business, starting from the present and mobilizing for innovation for a sustainable future. The focus is on both social benefits and economic recovery.

The offer will be searchable for five months. Applications are assessed at least once a month. The conditions and needs change quickly which means that the offer likely to be adjusted every month.

Facts about the call

  • The offer is open to all business areas.
  • It is aimed at project that, through innovation, address new challenges linked to the corona crisis.
  • The projects will contribute to a sustainable change of production or activities.
  • The new solutions should be available within 12 months.
  • A proposal must have at least two parties, one of which must be a developing actor and a need owner. By need owner is meant the actor who benefits from the solution and who will take care of (manage, use, disseminate) the results of the project. All applicant must be legal persons.
  • Project can apply and be granted a maximum of SEK 1 million.

More information about the call

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Questions about the bet are answered after it has opened.

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<p>We're working intensively to make any necessary adjustments for projects who apply for or receive funding from us.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p>

Last updated 27 March 2020

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