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The coronacrisis: This is how we work

We follow closely how the coronavirus develops and adjust our activities accordingly. Our ambition is that our calls and decisions about which research and innovation projects we fund will carry on as normal. We also strive to carry out all our meetings and conferences online.


We know there are many issues arising in connection with the coronavirus. Right now, we're working intensively to make any necessary adjustments.

If you apply for funding from us, you can feel confident that we assess applications according to our normal routines and processes. If you've recently sent in an application, you can still make changes if your circumstances have changed. If you're currently running a project which is financed by us, we want you to know that we're listening to your needs and are making adjustments. 

We'll continue to fund research and innovation

We'll continue to run calls and make decisions on funding for research and innovation projects. Most of our employees work from home.

If you have questions about a specific call, please get in touch with the main contact person for that call.

Find the right funding

Meetings and events are now held online

Our ambition is to carry out meetings and events online - as far as we can. 

If you have questions about a specific meeting, please get in touch with the main contact person for that event.

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If you need to make changes to a recently submitted application 

Those of you who've sent us an application and haven't received our decision yet can still make changes to your application if your circumstances have changed. 

  • If the call hasn't closed yet, you can unlock your application in the eServices portal and make changes. You can unlock and make changes to your application as many times as you like until the call closes. 
  • If the call has closed and you need to make changes to your application, please contact the person in charge of the call.

If your project has changed or been cancelled

We know that projects who receive funding from us are facing new challenges. We understand that project activities may need to be adjusted or cancelled.

If you can't submit a report

If the coordinating part of your project can't submit reports because they have, for example, been put on temporary leave, you can contact us to change your coordinating part temporarily.

This could happen in situations where some parts of the projects are active and have costs, but others parts are not able to work because they've been laid off or put on temporary leave.

If so, please contact the person responsible for your project at Vinnova.

Extend or pause the project

If you need to extend the project to complete it in the best possible way, you'll need to request a change of project duration. 

If you want to pause the project and restart it once your circumstances have changed, you'll need to request a change of project duration. 

Request a change in your project (only in Swedish)

Adjust costs in a project

If you need to redistribute your budget to be able to implement your project, you can ask for your budget to be adjusted. You do this by requesting a change of project. 

Request a change in your project (only in Swedish)

We understand that there may be extra costs when trips and meetings are cancelled. That's why we have clarified which costs we can fund. 

Find out which costs we can fund

If you can't complete the project

If you're no longer able to complete the project according to our decision because the conditions have changed completely, please contact the person responsible for your project at Vinnova. 

If you have repayments to make

If we have issued a recovery order but you're not able to pay us back, please contact the responsible for your project at Vinnova.

Our starting point is that costs should be repaid. But we don't want our decisions leading to organisations being unable to pay their debts on time and ending up in bankruptcy. In addressing these problems, we have the option to postpone payments or set up a payment plan.

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Current calls related to the coronavirus

More about the coronavirus

Vinnova follow the recommendations of the Public Health Authority and other expert authorities on the coronavirus.

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