Challenge-Driven Innovation – Stage 1 initiation :

Challenge-Driven Innovation stage 1 initiation – 2019

Closed 30 January 2019

We support projects that have the potential to solve a societal challenge through innovations and broad collaboration between, for example, industry, research, public sector activity and civil society. The outcome must clearly contribute to the Global Sustainability Goals in Agenda 2030.

The offer in brief

What can you apply for?

Further development of an idea and constellation. The project period is around 9 months. 


Who can apply?

Constellations consisting of at least three project partners. 

How much can you apply for?

Max. SEK 500,000. The support level is max. 80 per cent. 

Important dates

  • How to apply

    To apply for funding, you need to complete an application form in our application portal, Intressentportalen. The form contains questions about your project, project members and budget.

    Download attachments

    Please download the documents that you need to attach to your application, for example, the template for a CV or a project description.

    Allow enough time to complete the application

    Keep in mind that it can take several days to gather the information you need to complete your application, so it’s a good idea to start early. That way, you can save your details and come back to your application, making adjustments until you submit it.

    Any questions?

    If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.


    46 8 473 32 33

    Vilgot Claesson

    Industry, production and new materials

    46 8 473 30 56

    Adrian Solitander

    Social innovation and innovation in the public sector

    46 8 473 31 42

    Andreas Netz

    Programme and call manager

    46 8 473 30 86

    Gustav Malm

    Cities, transportation and Environment

    46 8 473 30 20

    Jessica Tägtström

    Health and Life Science

    46 8 473 30 67

    Vinnovas IT-support

    Technical questions about our e-service portal

    +46 8 473 32 99

    Selection of fund­ed pro­jects

    Project title Coordinator Grant Status Reference number
    IoT for smart rural development VINGÅKERS KOMMUN SEK 500 000 Ongoing 2019-01030
    Future City Water SWEDEN WATER RESEARCH AKTIEBOLAG SEK 487 370 Ongoing 2019-01026
    FAI - Food Awareness Initiative Stockholms universitet SEK 500 000 Ongoing 2019-01023
    Near and far in time and space - Digital learning for equal education IFOUS AB SEK 400 000 Ongoing 2019-01020
    ProSAFe - Personal PROtection Against Fall injuries - to enhance quality of life for the elderly! RISE Research Institutes of Sweden AB SEK 500 000 Ongoing 2019-01019
    Secondary aggregate resources for sustainable civil engineering RISE Research Institutes of Sweden AB SEK 500 000 Ongoing 2019-01017
    FUN - Physical activity for young people with Neurodevelopmental Disorders (NDD) Högskolan i Skövde SEK 496 951 Ongoing 2019-01014
    The future of environmental monitoring - eDNA as a powerful new tool eDNA solutions AB SEK 448 000 Ongoing 2019-01011
    En optisk sensor för att minska beroendet av biocider i kemisk industri CHALMERS TEKNISKA HÖGSKOLA AKTIEBOLAG SEK 474 676 Ongoing 2019-01009
    Digitalisation and data for young people´s growing conditions BRON INNOVATION AB SEK 500 000 Ongoing 2019-01003
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