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Summary - The GSM Story

Effects of research on Swedish Mobile

Book cover Summary - The GSM Story
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VA 2008:06
Erik Arnold, Barbara Good & Henrik Segerpalm – Technopolis Group
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Ericsson's development of mobile telephony is one of Sweden's outstanding industrial successes of recent years in terms of turnover, employment and exports. This impact analysis focuses on the role of Swedish government research funding in the development of technology for mobile telephony, especially GSM, and the subsequent Swedish success.

The study shows that a number of factors were important. These included the dialogue between the supplier Ericsson and the customer Swedish Telecom and their mutual support in the international standardisation process. Another factor was the technological capabilities and market strength already built up under the Nordic cooperation that created the NMT system.

For full version see "The GSM story" (Vinnova Report/Analysis VA 2008:04).

For summary in Swedish see/för svensk sammanfattning se "Historien om GSM - Sammanfattning" (Vinnova Rapport/Analys VA 2008:07).

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