Visual Sweden

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Coordinator Linköpings universitet - Ekonomiavdelningen
Funding from Vinnova SEK 19 250 000
Project duration March 2016 - June 2019
Status Completed

Purpose and goal

The Visual Sweden innovation initiative has developed well during its first three years of operation, which has also been confirmed by an international evaluation panel. The number of regional stakeholders has increased substantially since its inception and is now almost 70 companies with development capacity within the domain and nearly 20 companies and governmental organisations with challenging needs. The 40+ innovation projects have been completed.

Expected results and effects

The Visual Sweden brand has been well established with a high level of recognition in the region and great national visibility. Politicians and public representatives involved in regional development are well acquainted with Visual Sweden and the area of strength. An expanded network has been created between governmental agencies, private companies and universities / institutes. Challenging demands of customers is a driving force for creating new R&D projects. The first demonstrators are established and the first products / services have reached the market.

Planned approach and implementation

The initial mobilisation phase has been carried out effectively with limited resources for process management in favour of concrete innovation activities in R&D projects, which has greatly contributed to the good results. However, the process management resources have been strengthened for the upcoming phase, to enable the recruitment of increased funding and intensified efforts for internationalisation. Gender and sustainability aspects have received special attention through specific projects, which have also gained visibility in the media.

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