Swedish Secretariat for Environmental Earth System Sciences

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Coordinator KUNGL VETENSKAPSAKADEMIEN KVA - Swedish Secretariat for Environmental Earth System Sciences
Funding from Vinnova SEK 937 000
Project duration October 2012 - November 2013
Status Completed

Purpose and goal

The purpose and goal of SSEESS has been to facilitate Swedish researchers active participation in international research programs. This has been achieved through workshops, seminars and travel support aimed at Swedish researchers visiting international events. The secretariat should also through communication lay the foundation for a better understanding of these international research programs. This was done through newsletters, fact sheets, mailing lists and the Secretariat´s website. The secretariat has also held a number of seminars with policy makers and researchers.

Results and expected effects

Since SSEESS is not a research project direct measurable effects are not possible to report. However, the Secretariat has had an increasing number of applications for both advice and financial support over the years as the program was co-financed by Vinnova. Furthermore, it has managed to arouse interest in the new international research program Future Earth, which means that Sweden now has applied to host the head secretariat.

Approach and implementation

SSEESS work has mainly been enforced through personal meetings, seminars and workshops and funding, when deemed appropriate. For example through travel support for participation in international workshops and seminars. SSEESS information work has been carried out through fact sheets, newsletters, mailing lists and via SSEESS website.

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