Sweden in the forefront of resource efficiency and circular economy

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Coordinator KUNGL. Ingenjörsvetenskapsakademien IVA - Kungliga Ingenjörsvetenskapsakademien
Funding from Vinnova SEK 4 300 000
Project duration January 2018 - July 2020
Status Ongoing

Purpose and goal

The purpose of the project is to create a platform for resource efficiency and circular economy in order to draw conclusions from current initiatives in policy, research and industry on which routes lay ahead for Sweden and create consensus on this. This will help accelerate Sweden´s transition into a resource-efficient and circular economy. The objective is a natural continuation of IVA´s previous project. Resource-efficient business models - greater competitiveness.

Expected results and effects

Expected effects are to become a reference point for Sweden´s work on resource efficiency and circular economy. Also for continued work on a national collaboration for circular economy to strengthen Swedish competitiveness, increase Sweden´s contribution to global sustainability and drive innovation. This should accelerate the political debate and the role of business and give it a clearer direction. This includes the role of the financial sector in the transition to resource-efficient and circular economics.

Planned approach and implementation

The process in the mobility, construction, plastic, food and textile sectors shall: 1. Compile current ongoing initiatives 2. Formulate a vision for Sweden about resource efficiency and circular economy. 3. Implement workshops to identify the major roads that Sweden faces and describe and analyze barriers. In addition, the connection to other sectors. 4. Contribute to formulating long-term goal management for the work with the sector and its extension to other areas. 5. Communicate the results to political representatives, industry, research and government.

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