Sustainable production of fine aggregates from rock materials

Reference number
Coordinator MINBAS AB
Funding from Vinnova SEK 9 798 275
Project duration September 2012 - December 2014
Status Completed
Venture Challenge-driven innovation - Phase 2 Collaboration
Call Challenge-driven innovation - Stage 2 Collaboration (2012)

Purpose and goal

The project´s objective has been to explore the potential to replace natural gravel and sand in different applications. Over 50% of the natural gravel used today goes to concrete. The project has shown that with correct technology investments it is possible to replace the natural gravel in concrete. Approximately 25 % of the natural gravel use was proven before the start of the project that it is possible to replace. The project has shown that many applications within the last 25 % has potential to be replaced, e.g. soil, sand under swings, sand in water treatment plants etc.

Results and expected effects

The results show that with VSI crushers it is possible to produce manufactured sand approaching the grain shape of the natural gravel. Concrete tests show that it is possible to replace the gravel in concrete if the quarry has the proper production process. For other uses the project has shown that there is potential to replace natural gravel in many applications, such as sand under swings, plant soils, filter sand and paddock sand, but they need to be developed into marketable products. The results can be used in the decision on the renewal of old or opening of new natural gravel pits.

Approach and implementation

The project was divided into four areas to cover all applications for natural gravel. Requirements and test methods for the various applications differ to a great extent and the division ensured that focus remained on many different products. During the project a crushing plant was built, with this materials was produced to the different work areas. 21 different rock materials have been tested with the facility. It is the largest survey that the aggregate industry in Sweden has ever undertaken. The results of so many different rock materials could help other quarries in decision making.

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