Stockholm Makerspace

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Coordinator Stockholm Makerspace
Funding from Vinnova SEK 75 000
Project duration November 2012 - December 2013
Status Completed

Purpose and goal

Stockholm Makerspace has a space in central Stockholm, filled with tools and workspace for people. Today there are 500 members in the organization of which 110 have around-the-clock access to the space. We estimate that about 1500 non-members have visited the space through our workshops, lectures and open nights. We believe that through the knowledge center that Stockholm Makerspace has become, it has increased the creative power and knowledge sharing in Stockholm. The accessibility and tools have given more people the possibility of working with projects and develop their skills.

Results and expected effects

Target: 300 members Result: 500 members Target: 50 regular visitors per month Result: 110 people have gotten ´lab passes´ which entitle them to free access 24/7 Target: Lectures that reach 200 people Result: We have held four lectures, also a large number of external lectures and guided tours of our makerspace. Due to limited space we have only been able to fit about 50 persons each time, all of the lectures have tough been documented and shared on our blog to be able to reach more people, and some of them are also recorded on video for future sharing over the internet.

Approach and implementation

The contribution from Vinnova, resulted in the following: 1. We have been able to find and open a space at Wallingatan 12 in central Stockholm 2. The organizations members have by joint forces contributed to furnishing the interior of the space, including machines, equipment and tools 3. The work with Stockholm Makerspace means that a number of projects have been supported within the framework, primarily individual ones 4. During the year we have also promoted Stockholm Makerspace through lectures, conferences, fairs and a lot of media coverage, both in print and on national television

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