Standard for optimizing an organizations contribution to Sustainable Development Goals

Reference number
Coordinator ALLIES AB
Funding from Vinnova SEK 674 000
Project duration March 2019 - October 2019
Status Ongoing
Venture Strengthening Sweden’s role in international standardization
Call Standardization in order to gain access to new markets

Purpose and goal

The aim of the feasibility study is to assess the interest and effect of a new standard for sustainable business with a focus on optimizing the contribution to Agenda2030. We are looking in to how to combine one of the most important standards in the field -ISO 26000 which outlines HOW a business should implement sustainabilility and Agenda 2030 supporting organisations in WHAT they can contribute to. In other words, clarifying the link between Agenda 2030 and ISO 26000 an other existing standards could simplify the sustainability and social responsibility efforts of companies.

Expected results and effects

A new standard enables more organizations to work and report the sustainability engagement in a way that combines global goals and implementation guidelines, both WHAT and HOW. This should be able to contribute to: Enhanced strength and strategic advantages on an international market for Swedish entrepreners and ideas helping their clients keeping their sustainablility promises - the Swedish reputation as a front running country - the highs set Swedish Sustainablility ambitions and Climate Goal

Planned approach and implementation

The project will run through 2019 and 8 months after start produce a report in PPT and a PM. Organiaztion; Projektteam bestående av minst en dedikerad person från respektive organsiation SIS/Sustainable Innovation/Swedac/Allies. Allies and SIS will lead and coordinate. AP 1: Projectdesign AP2: Analysis AP3: Development of framework for new standard AP4: Test AP5: Documentation

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