Reference number
Coordinator Spermosens AB
Funding from Vinnova SEK 300 000
Project duration May 2019 - January 2020
Status Ongoing
Venture Innovative Startups
Call Innovative startups step 1 - spring 2019

Purpose and goal

Under Spermosens, we are developing a diagnostic device for male infertility, predicting if the patient’s sperms would bind to and fertilize a healthy female egg, and hence diagnosing the underlying cause of male factor infertility. The goals of this project include: 1. Production of the diagnostic chips by industrial fabrication methods, incorporating recombinantly produced human egg proteins and nanoparticles, followed by 2. A small-scale clinical study to determine the predictive value of the diagnostic test.

Expected results and effects

After completion of this project, we would have determined the optimal fabrication strategy for the diagnostic chips which are the functional component of the diagnostic device, and developed a scalable first prototype. We will be able to demonstrate the predictive value of our method on statistically relevant clinical samples.

Planned approach and implementation

The fabrication of the chips is performed in close collaboration with Zimmer and Pecaock Ltd, UK, and the clinical studies will be performed at Reproductive Medicine Centre, Malmö Hospital.

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