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“SMOOTh” SysteM Of Systems for sustainable urban gOods Transports

Reference number
Coordinator Volvo Technology AB - Volvo Group Technology
Funding from Vinnova SEK 500 000
Project duration June 2018 - January 2019
Status Completed
End-of-project report 2018-02016.pdf (pdf, 1783 kB)

Purpose and goal

The purpose of the pre-study was give us the basis for selecting a System of Systems use case with good system collaboration potential for further research and development towards a main realization project and a demonstrator in 2021 in Göteborg. The pre-study resulted in the following deliveries: - Nordstan as the relevant use case - Model for assessment of logistical and sustainability effectiveness - Scenarios for viable designs - State of the art study of SoS as applied to freight transport - Findings and recommendations for a main study - A strong consortium

Expected results and effects

Three workshops were conducted with representatives from vehicle manufacturers, authorities, researchers, clothing, IT, logistics, real estate and transport companies. Supplementary in-depth interviews with traders in Nordstan were conducted. This was the basis for formulating transport challenges and needs, as well as possible design solutions consisting of various electric vehicles, behavioral changes, regulations, new business models and possible SoS Design Spaces. The field study at Nordstan showed a potential to reduce carbon dioxide and NOx emissions by 30-40%.

Planned approach and implementation

Three workshop were performed by representatives from OEM:s, authority, retailers, IT providers, logistics, real estates, carriers and transporters. As a complement deep interviews with traders in Nordstan were performed. The result was the basis for the formulation of transport challenges and needs as well as possible main solutions consisting of different electrical vehicles, behavior change, regulations, new business models and possible SoS Design Spaces. The field study at Nordstan showed a potential to reduce CO2 and NOx emissions about 30 - 40%.

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Last updated 20 December 2019

Reference number 2018-02016

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