Smart storage solutions in the fridge of the future to reduce food waste

Reference number 2018-04115
Coordinator KUNGLIGA TEKNISKA HÖGSKOLAN - Medieteknik och interaktionsdesign
Funding from Vinnova SEK 2 671 954
Project duration November 2018 - December 2021
Status Ongoing
Venture Innovationer för ett hållbart samhälle
Call 2018-02535-en

Purpose and goal

A large part of the food produced in the world is thrown away by households even though it is or once was edible. One of the more important reasons for this is households who are not aware of the food they already have, and that this food gets bad before it is used. This aim of this project is to reduce this household food waste. The goal is to design and evaluate a number of low-tech solutions and combine them with digital behaviour change interventions to increase food supply awareness and thus reduce food waste.

Expected results and effects

The expected result is that, through this project, we will have developed a number of physical prototypes, digital prototypes and behaviour change interventions to support households who want to reduce their food waste, as well as knowledge of both their short-term and long-term impact on household food-related behaviours. The potential effect from a societal point of view is high, as previous studies show that households could save between 3000-6000 SEK and 200-400 kg CO2-equivalents if all unnecessary household food waste was eliminated.

Planned approach and implementation

We will identify the target groups with the greatest potential, and recruit a number of representative households for these. We will then investigate their food waste practices, that will provide us with a basis for our needs analysis. Based on these and previous studies, we will then design, develop and test prototypes and behaviour change interventions iteratively, according to best practice in human-computer interaction. We are planning three development-evaluation cycles and will initiate and supervising a number of master degree theses within the project.

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