"Showcasing Women in Finance"

Reference number 2018-04729
Coordinator Swedish House of Finance
Funding from Vinnova SEK 255 500
Project duration November 2018 - December 2018
Status Ongoing

Purpose and goal

The aim of the workshop is to showcase female role models in finance and to provide an avenue for more junior researchers to receive feedback on their research and careers. Furthermore, we hope that the panel debate on the topic: "if promoting women is beneficial for women" contributes to a further understanding of what obstacles there are to further more gender equality in Finance.

Expected results and effects

We expect that the junior female assistant professors will be able to advertise their work, increase their network and receive high quality feedback on their research. Furthermore, we hope that the audience during the conference, (and the viewers of the movie that we aim to produce based on the workshop) will obtain 1. a more positive view of the quality of women in finance, 2. get inspired to pursue a career in finance (the BSc and MSc students that we invited), 3. a better understanding what obstacles there are and potential solutions we can pursue to achieve more diversity in Finance.

Planned approach and implementation

We will have a mingle on Monday December 17, and the conference coffee, lunch and dinner Tuesday December 18. The conference contains 5 presentations by female assistant professors, with 5 discussions by female professors. In addition we have a PhD session were 3 female PhD students will present their paper and audience discusses. Finally we have a panel debate with 6 female professors on the topic: If promoting diversity in Finance actually benefits those who it attempts to promote. We will produce a movie that summarizes in 6-7 minutes the take away´s of the workshop.

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