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Push the Line! Reliable assistive technologies to enhance independence of elderly after hospitalization

Reference number
Coordinator LINNÉUNIVERSITETET - eHälsoinstitutet
Funding from Vinnova SEK 500 000
Project duration May 2014 - January 2015
Status Completed
Venture Challenge-Driven Innovation – Stage 1 initiation

Purpose and goal

The initial goal was to develop a technology platform that provides assistive technologies to support elderly at home after hospitalization. We applied a stakeholder-centric approach incl. 6 pilots that revealed the crucial role of processes in the adoption of technology to support elderly. Hence the revised project goal is to develop a sustainable broker platform that supports stakeholders with their concerns on adopting technology. Central to the broker platform will be ´open data´ that leads to ´open innovation´ where stakeholders can contribute and interact with one another.

Results and expected effects

Based on the pilots and working meetings with stakeholders, we identified two challenges with great potential: (1) understand of the basic principles and processes of the adoption of assistive technologies for elderly at home, and (2) support the processes with a sustainable broker platform that supports stakeholders interaction and deal with their concerns. Among the important aspects are non-personalization of data and protection when needed, defining standards for the aggregated structures in forms on reliable medical quality levels, structures and interaction methods.

Approach and implementation

In stage one, we applied a stakeholder-centric approach to explore needs and identify key challenges. Central were 6 pilots that served as drivers for our efforts. Based on the excellent experiences, we plan to continue this stakeholder-oriented pilot-driven approach. Pilots will be set up to study the underlying principles and organization processes that underlie the adoption of assistive technologies. The pilots will be an integral part of the development of the envisioned broker platform. We will scale up to obtain statistically relevant data about the adoption of the solutions.

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