Production and texturing processes for protein-rich foodstuff from industrial forest residues

Reference number 2018-02389
Coordinator RISE Research Institutes of Sweden AB - Jordbruk och Livsmedel, Göteborg
Funding from Vinnova SEK 600 000
Project duration September 2018 - June 2020
Status Ongoing
Venture The strategic innovation programme Bioinnovation

Purpose and goal

The purpose of the project in step 2 is to demonstrate a novel value chain for production of green protein-rich foodstuff. The aim is therefore to demonstrate a new pilot scale process, where underutilized fiber sludge in pulp & paper mills is converted into fungi based foodstuff. The expectation is that an increased availability of attractive alternatives to meat will contribute to a more environmentally friendly and healthy food consumption.

Expected results and effects

The project in step 2 forms a basis for a subsequent implementation project, where the proposed value chain can be realized in full scale on a pulp & paper mill. The result is thus expected to contribute to a sustainable production of green proteins with minimal environmental impact through more efficient land usage. The project also contributes solve food scarcity problems due to increased population by providing protein-rich foodstuff without increasing animal production. The value chain is an example how to connect biomass- and food production in a future Swedish bio-economy.

Planned approach and implementation

After step 1 it can be concluded that the processes for hydrolysis and fungi growth needs to be further optimized with respect to yield, productivity and fungi mass morphology. The fungi mass also needs to be texturized in order to become a relevant foodstuff. Thus, in order to develop the process further, step 2 will focus on optimizing production of fungi biomass and its´ texturization through optimal extrusion technology. Developed foodstuff will thereafter be evaluated by a consumer panel in order to ensure sensory relevance in relation to existing products.

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