Production of up-scaled Na-ion battery prototypes using a novel cathode material

Reference number
Coordinator LiFeSiZE AB
Funding from Vinnova SEK 1 407 847
Project duration October 2017 - September 2019
Status Ongoing
Venture Materialbaserad konkurrenskraft
Call Materialbaserad konkurrenskraft - 2017 vår

Purpose and goal

The project aims to verify the viability of a cheap, “green” synthesis process to produce commercial quantities of a highly promising cathode material for the emerging World market in Na-ion batteries. The performance of the material will be demonstrated in a series of proof-of-concept battery prototypes, which will provide the essential data on which to base a realistic assessment of the investment needed to bring the material into the international battery market-place - where its prime area of application will undoubtedly be sustainable-energy storage.

Expected results and effects

A successful project can be expected to hasten the inevitable replacement of Li- by Na-ion batteries - especially for large-scale applications, where the unfathomably large volumes needed in future electrified transport and electrical-energy storage markets cannot possibly be achieved by Li-ion batteries alone. Exploitation of the readily available and cheap raw materials needed for these Na-ion batteries will make massive-scale sustainable energy storage a reality, and open the door for Sweden to reclaim its place on the international battery stage.

Planned approach and implementation

The project breaks down into three distinct phases: -Scale-up of the novel cathode-material synthesis process; coating and evaluation of industrial scale Na-ion battery cathodes made from the resulting up-scaled supply of cathode material. -Production of a series of Na-ion battery prototypes using a recently commissioned pilot-line facility at LiFeSiZE AB in Uppsala. -Definitive testing and evaluation of these Na-ion battery prototypes from a commercialization viewpoint.

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