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Plasma treatment for adhesive bonding of float glass

Reference number
Coordinator Swerea IVF AB - Avdelningen för processutveckling
Funding from Vinnova SEK 3 575 000
Project duration December 2013 - September 2016
Status Completed
Venture FFI - Sustainable Production
End-of-project report 2013-04691_FF_en.pdf (pdf, 433 kB)

Purpose and goal

The overall objective of the project was to create a stable, reliable and verified process to clean and surface activate with atmospheric plasma before adhesive bonding of glass with / without ceramic frit and through that process replace the need of primer that is applied at the glass manufacturer. The project has resulted in an advanced plasma process, an improved method for chemical analysis of glass surfaces and evaluated methods for industrial contamination detection

Expected results and effects

The project has studied how important chemical groups in the glass are affected by various pretreatments. The project has detected differences in bondability between glasses and adhesives, and how aging and plasma treatment impact the bonding. Plasma treatment can clean, improve the surface energy and generate stronger adhesive bonds. A method to improve the surface chemistry of the glass with the plasma is further developed as a method for verification with XPS. The project has worked with contamination detection. A study with respect to contamination type and quantity is performed

Planned approach and implementation

The project has in brief focused on: Building a knowledge base of how glass and glass chemistry influence the adhesion bonding Evaluate the effect of plasma treatment on glass with / without ceramic frit Develop a process parameters for plasma treatment Develop guidelines Identify methods for automated contamination detection Automated contamination detection equipments for deeper evaluation Verify atmospheric plasma treatment of windscreen bonding, both on painted and glass surface Preparing for implementation Reporting and dissemination of results

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Last updated 9 January 2020

Reference number 2013-04691

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