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NIMI - Architectural analysis and a new structure for FASS

Reference number
Coordinator Mapsec Kommanditbolag
Funding from Vinnova SEK 1 366 400
Project duration October 2017 - March 2018
Status Completed

Important results from the project

The objectives of the project were two-fold. The first one was to let an external party do a technical due diligence of the concept (Headroom) developed for storing structured care-related information. It is the concept around which the NIMI-initiative is built (New frontiers in Medical Informatics). The second one was to show how the concept could be used for managing all information generated in processes where pharmaceuticals are the common denominator, including: developing, making available information on, distributing, prescribing, and monitoring its use.

Expected long term effects

The external party - Knowledge Agency - that analysed the Headroom concept conclude that: "Headroom can become very beneficial for many organisations and individuals giving them the ability to securely share knowledge and information across existing domains, national and legal borders, while still maintaining control of data usage and dissemination." In the second report it is shown that the processes centred around pharmaceuticals could be drastically rationalised if the management of the information surrounding them were built on the Headroom-concept.

Approach and implementation

Knowledge Agency´s analysis is based on a review of written material from Headlong Development AB, a number of reports authored by members of the NIMI-initiative, software developed by Headlong, as well as extensive interviews of Headlong´s architects and developers. In the writing of the report on pharmaceuticals, representatives from LIF participated - in addition to the NIMI-group. The mockup screen dumps for the use case have been produced by Heroes of Brand and Business Innovation AB. The results from the two sub-projects are presented in separate reports.

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