New suit for treatment of pain

Reference number
Coordinator Inerventions AB, Danderyd - Inerventions AB
Funding from Vinnova SEK 2 406 004
Project duration August 2019 - August 2021
Status Ongoing
Venture Swelife and Medtech4Health - Collaborative Projects for Improved Health
Call Swelife and Medtech4Health - Collaborative Projects for Improved Health (Spring 2019)

Purpose and goal

Inerventions has developed a spasticity-reducing suit called Mollii, consisting of a jacket and a pair of trousers, with 29 incorporated electrode pairs. The suit has been developed for people with central nervous system injuries such as cerebral palsy or stroke. The goal of the current project is to develop a new version of the suit that focuses on reducing shoulder pain in stroke patients. The objective is to create an alternative pain-reducing method, which is neither invasive nor pharmacological and which could be of great value both for the individual and for the healthcare system.

Expected results and effects

Ongoing studies on the clinical effects of Mollii, focusing on measuring reduction of spasticity, have provided indications that the suit may also have pain reducing effects. Moreover, the company´s own follow-ups indicate a decreased degree of perceived pain. Therefore, in the present project, a new version of the suit is developed together with new treatment protocols and programming. The expected results are that the new version of the suit, may result in reduced pain in the stroke patients included in the study.

Planned approach and implementation

The suit is tested in a clinical trial including a total of 35 stroke patients with shoulder pain. In the first phase, a less advanced pain-focused suit is tested on 15 patients. 3 different therapy paradigms are being evaluated: (a) TENS, (b) a selectively programmed suit and (c) a multi-stimuli suit. This study provides indications of appropriate developmental steps. In phase 2, another 20 patients are tested which should result in a selection of the best protocols and functionalities of a new pain reducing suit.

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Reference number 2019-01463

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