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NanoPOLE: Nanostructure POlarised Light Emitters

Reference number
Coordinator Polar Light Technologies AB
Funding from Vinnova SEK 500 000
Project duration July 2017 - November 2018
Status Completed

Purpose and goal

The project aims at developing more efficient LEDs based on our pyramidal nanostructures concept, made of nitride-based semiconductors. With our concept, light can be generated with a high degree of polarization, about 85%, i.e. a factor of two higher than with polarization filters after an unpolarized source, used in e.g. today´s LCD displays. Another important application is interconnects within the electronics industry for more efficient and faster inter- and intra-chip communication. Another application area is quantum cryptography for interception-proof communication.

Expected effects and result

Ericsson has placed an order on a LED prototype for generating light with high-grade polarization to PLT. Furthermore, a number of meetings with Huawei representatives regarding display applications has resulted in Huawei requesting a quote from PLT on micro LEDs with an extremely high resolution and high efficiency throughout the visible RGB range, including green and red emission, which in today´s LEDs is characterized by low efficiency. For longer term perspectives, quantitative cryptography for secure communication, we have received Letter of Support from Sectra and FOI.

Planned approach and implementation

Our original project aim to develop and commercialize LEDs with a high degree of polarization, has been extended to also include development of micro LEDs and LEDs with a high efficiency emission in the green and red areas, which also opens up for effective white light sources. Our nano structure concept will enable a homogeneous small area with a higher indium content in the active layer, which is a prerequisite for light emission at longer wavelengths. There is a giant market for efficient green, red and white micro LEDs for both display and lillumination applications.

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Last updated 18 December 2018

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