MultiPuls High-powered pulsed thin film deposition from multiple material sources

Reference number
Coordinator IONAUTICS AB
Funding from Vinnova SEK 1 762 850
Project duration October 2017 - September 2019
Status Completed
Venture Materialbaserad konkurrenskraft
Call Materialbaserad konkurrenskraft - 2017 vår

Purpose and goal

Ionautics has developed a new bipolar HiPIMS generator that allows synchronization and fine tuning of positive pulse for optimal ion acceleration - even synchronously across multiple sources. Ionautics has developed a new synchronization unit of multiple HiPIMS generators, which enables seamless generation and synchronization of multiple HiPIMS discharges on multiple material sources. The research group at LiU has shown that we can control the energy of the sputtered metal ions using bipolar HiPIMS.

Expected results and effects

Ionautics sees great potential in the prototype hardware (new power supply and new synchronization unit) developed during the project. The focus now is on CE certifying the units and industrializing the manufacturing process. This will enable a launch of the products world-wide within one year after the project is completed. A first model of the sync device is already available. In addition, Ionautics expects to sell >5 power supplies within 12 months after the product is released.

Planned approach and implementation

Collaboration between the SME Ionautics AB and the research group Plasma and Coatings Physics at Linköping University, where the company has developed new hardware for thin film synthesis and the research group has developed and analyzed the coating process. The collaboration has been very fruitful with the project members providing complementary skills, as evidenced by the large range of project output: new products, new processes, new scientific discoveries, and a patent application.

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