Moisture sensor in superabsorbing wound dressing

Reference number
Coordinator ABSORBEST AB
Funding from Vinnova SEK 2 440 000
Project duration August 2016 - March 2020
Status Ongoing
Venture The strategic innovation programme Electronic Components and Systems:
Call Electronic Components and System. Research and Innovation Projects. Spring 2016.

Purpose and goal

The objective is to develop an intelligent wound dressing with an integrated moisture sensor as a tool in the treatment of exuding wounds. The goal is to produce the wound dressing and to carry out an initial patient study with this dressing.

Expected results and effects

The developed the wound dressing with moisture sensor is expected to generate positive effects in the treatment of wounds by providing a tool to change dressing at the right time. The healing process is not distubed too often or left too long. This can provide better conditions for healing and might contribute to reduced costs for treatment of chronic wounds. Expected results of the project is a developed wound dressing and feedback on the function received from patient tests. The project is expected to strengthen expertise in front areas for smarter electronics and medical technology.

Planned approach and implementation

The project is based on cooperation between Absorbest, manufacturer of wound dressings, as well as a project partner active in the area of intelligent electronics. Together, we will develop a humidity sensor that can be integrated into a dressing. The work will be led by Absorbest and carried out in sub-projects; sensor development, dressing development, pilot production process, verification and validation tests and a patient study. Comments on design and ease of use will be collected through visits to health care providers.

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Reference number 2016-01614

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