Innovation turbine in Trollhättan

Reference number 2018-03695
Coordinator Trollhättans kommun - Omsorgsförvaltningen
Funding from Vinnova SEK 500 000
Project duration November 2018 - August 2019
Status Ongoing
Venture 2018-02414-en
Call 2018-02475-en

Purpose and goal

The aim of the preliminary study is to investigate the possibility of running development-oriented test beds focusing on business development and change management that can utilize the potential of digitization in public activities. A test bed will have a significant value for public sector, academia and business. The test beds should be open to testing new working methods, digital services and products in different ways.

Expected results and effects

The care administration in Trollhättan expects in the study to identify the conditions for introducing a test bed into existing housing activities for the elderly and for the long term in LSS and social psychiatry. The preliminary study will provide answers to the support of business staff and management, what methods and tools can be used in the change work and how an interaction with, among other things, academy and business to look like.

Planned approach and implementation

The preliminary study is conducted in an elderly care and consists of five work packages. 1. Planning, mapping and training efforts. 2. Identification of factors that enable work with business development at business and organizational level. 3. Internal and external dialogue to identify how a test bed can be designed to create value for all parties. 4. Competence lift around IoT with demo environment and lecture. 5. Evaluate and possibly apply for an implementation of a test bed in healthcare and later also in LSS and social psychiatry.

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