Indivd - A patent pending solution that gives physical retail a deep and unique understanding of all stores visitors

Reference number
Coordinator Indivd AB
Funding from Vinnova SEK 1 695 000
Project duration November 2018 - December 2019
Status Ongoing
Venture 2015-07062-en
Call From analog to digital 2018 - LegalTech and RetailTech

Purpose and goal

Indivd´s patented deep learning technique is the first in the world which can identify and re-identify all store visitors using the existing cameras in the store strictly anonymously. An anonymization, in line with privacy laws and regulations, where the visitor´s integrity is fully secured. This means that Indivd can follow the actual behavior of all visitors without storing any personal data. The purpose and goal of the project are to further develop Indivd´s patented technology into a validated and scalable web-based prototype installed in physical commerce.

Expected results and effects

Digitization places entirely new demands on increased customer insights to strengthen the relevance of physical commerce. An area where Indivd has the potential to become globally leading. Indivd will give stores a deep understanding about all their visitors like their shopping behavior, whether they shop or not, their loyalty, re-visiting frequency etc. Insights that will help physical commerce to go from being reactive to acting proactively.

Planned approach and implementation

We, together with early partners and clients, install Indivd in retail stores to evaluate and validate limitations, opportunities and potential.

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