Hbg Works - testbeds and realisations

Reference number 2018-03725
Coordinator HELSINGBORGS KOMMUN - Digitaliseringsavdelningen
Funding from Vinnova SEK 500 000
Project duration November 2018 - November 2019
Status Ongoing
Venture Testbäddar för samhällets utmaningar
Call Testbäddar för samhällets utmaningar - förberedelseprojekt

Purpose and goal

The purpose is to increase the municipal ability to realize ideas and increase the pace of change. The goal is to establish a common function in the city for innovation and digitalization, that will help the city departments by creating a common place where competence and projects can share experiences, and the city can be offered as a testbed in open innovation with external organizations and companies. The pre-study will prepare, communicate and benchmark the way of working.

Expected results and effects

After the wider execution project, the departments in the city will be better prepared competence and methodology wise, to drive their own development projects more agile and faster. The testbed will offer systematically proven methods and tools to make the city departments work more cost efficient and with open innovation together with businesses, citizens and universities. The project will also have launched a number of digital projects that improves the service to citizens and increased the internal efficiency.

Planned approach and implementation

The prestudy is executed in collaboration with Ideon Open that will coordinate the documentation and planning of study visits. Communication resources will be recruited to continuously share results. A new internal organization will be set up during spring 2019 in a new office space where a number of pilot cases will be run and evaluated.

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