Growth Barometer

Reference number
Coordinator Stiftelsen Blue Institute
Funding from Vinnova SEK 10 500 000
Project duration July 2018 - June 2021
Status Ongoing

Purpose and goal

The project is a forum where the conditions and mechanisms of growth are discussed. The focus lies on how global economic development and trends on a macro level affect and are affected by businesses´ strategies on a micro level. It is at this "meso" intersection that innovation, competitiveness and investments can be understood. The aim of the project is to promote insight into how global conditions for growth affect the strategic options of Swedish industry. The goal is to provide relevant analysis to a broad target audience of decision makers.

Expected results and effects

1. Provide a plattform and a network where industry, academia and policy makers meet. 2. Generate knowledge in the form of reports on macro economic trends affecting growth, insights from decision makers on topical issues, and thematic focus on long term issues affecting growth. 3. Ad-hoc meetings when current events demand it. 4. Ongoing communication in the form of podcasts, articles, seminars, etc. 5. Learning for participants and the general public.

Planned approach and implementation

The Growth Barometer regularly arranges meetings, seminars and hearings on current as well as more long-term topics. The target audience consists of decision makers in businesses, organisations and institutions who affect and are affected by trends in economic growth. Analyses are conducted by the project organisation as well as in the project´s Faculty, consisting of leading economists in Sweden. The knowledge is disseminated to the public in various forms and multiple channels.

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