Future City Flow

Reference number
Coordinator SWEDEN WATER RESEARCH AKTIEBOLAG - Ideon Science Park, Lund
Funding from Vinnova SEK 7 774 000
Project duration June 2017 - August 2019
Status Ongoing
Venture Challenge-driven innovation - Phase 2 Collaboration

Purpose and goal

The primary function of a sewage system is to lead wastewater to sewage treatment plants. The flow known as additional water may periodically exceed the waste water flow. It can cause huge costs for cleaning as well as creating the need for expensive expansion. The purpose of the project is to enable better management of additional water. The goal is to develop a decision support system that can describe the relationship between action and impact. It will simplify the flow of information between actors who design the city´s water management by collecting, sorting and visualizing data.

Expected results and effects

An expected effect is improved health and increased attractiveness. With good forecasts and advanced management strategies, real time information about bathing water quality can be delivered. Optimized management avoids redundancy and, through better decision-making, enables you to postpone or avoid expensive investments in new infrastructure, invest smarter, and avoid substantial costs arising from cellar floods. Investment costs can be lowered by more than 40 percent and flood damage can be minimized through smarter management and smarter investment.

Planned approach and implementation

The project is implemented in six work packages developing different parts of the decision support system. Each work package includes several parties. A key part is to develop key and valuation figures. The key figures describe in a comparable manner how the problem of supplementary water looks like and the valuation figures describe the cost / benefit effect associated with these problems for different types of measurements. Another part of the solution is to visualize and customize the figures. In pilot tests, figures and user interface are then tested on target groups.

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