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ETTE - Enabling Technologies for Transport Efficiencies

Reference number
Coordinator Volvo Personvagnar Aktiebolag - Avd 94711 PV32
Funding from Vinnova SEK 13 209 075
Project duration January 2011 - September 2013
Status Completed
Venture Transport Efficiency
End-of-project report 2010-01343.pdf (pdf, 3575 kB)

Important results from the project

To establish this Car 2 Car (C2C) or Car 2 Infrastructure (C2I) platform, this technology can enable: Increased road safety to reduce accidents on road and actively contributing to Trafikverket zero vision. Increased traffic capacity/ efficiency and by that reduced CO2. New business opportunities created and enhancing the competitiveness of the Swedish automotive industry. Improved OEM image, attractiveness and status for the transport industry Increased cooperation with other national research such as WCAE and RealComH Be inline with the enviro. and climate challenge.

Expected long term effects

Ant dev and verif: In both passive and active tests it turned out that coverage is strongly influenced by the vehicle on which the antenna is mounted and is very limited by large metallic objects such as the container of a truck. Router design and verif: The measurements above indicate that around 600 pack handled per second is the practical limit (50% CPU load) in the current HW. Test bench dev and verif: They show that the MPS technique is indeed a viable technique for external car com tests Coex verif.: Limited throughput of 11p packets. The node was only able to output around 1.5Mbit/s 11p pack

Approach and implementation

Antenna develop.: ETTE antenna and a test monopole mounted at several different positions at two different vehicles. Measurements were performed with either passive measurement or active radio Router development and verification: The SW dev. (ITS-G5 stack and use cased) have been shared between ACTIA and VTEC. Test bench develop. and verification: Presented first results and an analysis from an over-the-air test setup for V2X communication based on an Multipath Propagation Simulator. Coexistence verification: Co-existence between wireless systems LTE and ETTE node was tested.

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Reference number 2010-01343

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