ElectriVillage Mariestad

Reference number
Coordinator FORSUS AB
Funding from Vinnova SEK 364 000
Project duration April 2016 - December 2016
Status Ongoing
Venture Challenge-Driven Innovation – Stage 1 initiation
Call Challenge-Driven Innovation - Stage 1 Initiation 2016 (spring)

Purpose and goal

The purpose is to test several range extender solutions for Commercial vehicles, midsize buses and city distribution vehicles. The purpose is also to use waste heat from range extenders to solve the need for cooling and heating in the vehicles. The objective is to minimize battery size and hence the cost for the vehicles.

Expected results and effects

The problem we intend to solve is general for all electric vehicles and in coming phases we intend to test the solutions in other types of vehicles and in other geographical locations than Mariestad. The effect is that the vehicles will be lighter and more energy and costefficient The result will be a well integrated range extender solution linked to the vehicle´s Electric powertrain and battery (BMS)

Planned approach and implementation

Within the framework of demosite Mariestad a number of vehicles will be equipped with different range extender solutions and beeing evaluated in an operational Environment. Some examples of range extenders to be tested are a simple biogas/biodiesel Engine, fuelcells, thin film solar cells and different varities of opportunity charging. Added energy and waste heat shall be integrated with the vehicle climate system for heating and cooling.

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Reference number 2016-00572

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