Complete Vehicle Combination Control with automated reconfiguration when connecting vehicle units

Reference number
Coordinator Volvo Technology AB - Advanced Technology & Research
Funding from Vinnova SEK 5 004 114
Project duration March 2017 - December 2019
Status Ongoing
Venture Complex Control
Call 2016-04641-en

Purpose and goal

The purpose of the project how to solve the problem of how to automatically reconfigure the vehicle motion functionality control softw are w hen the vehicle combination is adapted for the specific transport mission. When the complete combination vehicle is connected it has certain configuration for how motion support devices can generate longitudinal, lateral and yaw motion on each unit. When the auto-coupled dolly is released it needs to automatically reconfigure itself as a master unit w ith only one tow ed semitrailer unit, exactly like the first tractor unit with the semitrailer.

Expected results and effects

Automatic embedded software to reconfigure actuator coordination (control allocation) when vehicle combination is transformed. Demonstration in advanced simulation environment auto-couple/decoupled vehicle units and show how new master units and slave units are reconfigured. Demonstration on real A-double combination how it goes from one master (tractor) unit and three slaves to two master units (tractor and dolly) with each a coupled slave unit (semitrailer). Knowledge sharing from academy by Professors in Vehicle Dynamics and Control systems spends one day a week at VGTT.

Planned approach and implementation

First, virtual simulation environment will be utilized to verify how auto-coupling and how to reconfigure built-in software can occur. Then, physical A-double will be used with auto-couplings on dolly to physically perform the reconfiguration. The Volvo GTT and ReVeRe lab together with Asta Zero will be used in the last part of the project.

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