Combined Radar-Based Communication and Interference Mitigation for Automotive Applications

Reference number
Coordinator CHALMERS TEKNISKA HÖGSKOLA AKTIEBOLAG - Institutionen för Elektroteknik
Funding from Vinnova SEK 6 880 000
Project duration January 2019 - March 2021
Status Ongoing
Venture Traffic safety and automated vehicles -FFI
Call 2018-00124-en

Purpose and goal

Automotive radar and vehicle-to-vehicle communication suffer from a common challenge: interference. This interference leads to incorrect radar detections and delayed data transfer, respectively, both of which can affect automotive safety. This problem will only get worse in the future, as more vehicles are equipped with radar and communication transmitters. This project aims to research and develop key technologies to make radar more robust to interference and to reuse radar hardware to create a low-latency communication link.

Expected results and effects

The project is expected to strengthen the partners´ knowledge in how to reduce radar interference, through methods relying on local processing and/or communication. It will also guide future requirements, designs, products, and services by the project partners.

Planned approach and implementation

The specific focus of the project on the identification of expected needs for such a joint system, the analysis of the involved trade-offs, the design on physical and medium access control layers, as well as the system evaluation. The overall evaluation will consider not only radar and communication performance, but also the impact on functional safety. In addition, a demonstrator is planned to validate the key ideas of the project. We will also develop expertise in joint radar and communication technology for robust sensing and communication for automotive safety.

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Last updated 5 June 2020

Reference number 2018-01929

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