Ciszere IP strategy

Reference number 2018-04880
Coordinator CISZERE AB
Funding from Vinnova SEK 60 000
Project duration January 2019 - June 2019
Status Ongoing

Purpose and goal

Ciszere AB is a company whose business focuses on designing and manufacturing shirts. Today, in a good development phase, the company is purely operational but has a near total lack of intangible protection and strategy for how to and should protect the values generated by the business. There is thus a great need for review and analysis of the company from an intellectual property law perspective.

Expected results and effects

A) Identification of existing intellectual property (IA), including existing IP and IPR (such as patents, trademarks domain name, etc.), as well as gathering information about existing agreements with relevant stakeholders in the business ecosystem. B) Environmental analysis, including mapping of competitors and other relevant players with a focus on IP and IA. C) Developing a forward-looking IP strategy and a plan for implementation and key actions, synchronized with the company´s existing business plan.

Planned approach and implementation

Review and assessment of known competitors and their rights as well as impact assessments of this for Ciszere AB and assessment of existing and future design space and strategy. Analysis of whether other market players may hold rights or other obstacles such as Ciszere AB should be aware of and continuously monitor. Recommendations regarding the cases and ways in which Ciszere AB can protect the creative assets you create in the business. Preparation of plans for how Ciszere AB will work with existing and future intangible assets.

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Ciszere is a digital menswear brand.

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