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Carburising PM-components at low and high pressure

Reference number
Coordinator Swerea KIMAB AB - Swerea KIMAB AB, Kista
Funding from Vinnova SEK 500 000
Project duration August 2017 - March 2018
Status Completed
Venture The strategic innovation programme for Metallic material

Important results from the project

This project has demonstrated how sintered and dense materials can be carburised in the HIP-unit. It has experimentally been shown how it is possible to controll the carburisation process by a variation of parameters such as: chemistry of materials, atmosphere, carburisation time, and amount of porosity. By combining experiments with simulations it is possible to optimise this process.

Expected long term effects

This project has demonstrated how it is possible to include several different metallurgical processes in the same steg: compaction, carburisation, and hardening. The powder metallurgical route has many advantages with near-net-shaping, and the suggested process has some additional positive effects: decreased lead time by included several processes in the same step, and less energy due to eliminating the need of reheating the material.

Approach and implementation

By a systematic variation of processparameters the process has been optimised. The optimisation has been made with support of calculations, mainly based on thermodynamic calculations in order to capture the influence of chemistry on carburisation. The influence of carburisation time has been captured by kinetic simulations using tools such as Dictra. However, it is more difficult to capture the role of porosity on carburisation using modelling, and further work is recommended.

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Last updated 25 November 2019

Reference number 2017-02515

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