CarbonBase - to produce and consume more climate friendly

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Coordinator CarbonCLoud
Funding from Vinnova SEK 1 000 000
Project duration November 2018 - June 2020
Status Completed
Venture From linear to circular
Call FashionTech Food Tech

Purpose and goal

The goal was to develop a web based tool for making high precision climate footprint assessments for food products, yet with a level of user friendliness that makes the assessments easy to do for non-experts. The project should also result in a business model that makes it attractive for food producers to assess entire product portfolios and to keep the data up to date. The project has been successful and has resulted in the commercial service CarbonData that is currently used by several actors within the food industry.

Expected results and effects

The result is that a number of food producers are gaining a good internal understanding of their climate impact and are gradually calculating the footprints for their products. In addition, some of them have used the results for marketing purposes, which has clearly helped driving the climate issue forward, especially around food. Project party Oatly has been most active in this, but several other customers for the service have similar campaigns with climate labelling on the way. Expected effect is to make the food sector broadly transparent with its climate impact, at global level.

Planned approach and implementation

The project has basically followed the plan in proposal. It has been run through a number of workshops with user tests for how the tool should work, first with paper prototypes and then with digital prototypes in iterations until a viable product was developed. At the same time, there has been continuous work around securing the underlying calculations to ensure the scientific accuracy of each calculation.

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Last updated 3 July 2020

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