ARCHER - Architecture and Safety for Autonomous Heavy Vehicles

Reference number 2014-06260
Coordinator Scania CV Aktiebolag - Avd RESA
Funding from Vinnova SEK 11 616 000
Project duration April 2015 - December 2018
Status Ongoing
Venture Traffic safety and automated vehicles -FFI
Call FFI -Trafiksäkerhet och automatiserade fordon 2014-12-12

Purpose and goal

One of the major challenges for developing a fully automated heavy vehicle is to design and develop a system with an acceptable level of system safety. To develop such a system there is a need to develop new principles and methodologies for system architecture, safety analysis and test and verification, topics largely not covered by most projects in the area of autonomous vehicles.

Expected results and effects

The purpose of this project is to develop methods and principles for safety analysis of a fully automated commercial heavy vehicle, to create a reference architecture and to develop methods, and principles for test and verification of fully automated heavy vehicles. Also a proof-of-concept realization for overall verification and validation of the reference architecture and developed methods is included.

Planned approach and implementation

The project is adopting an iterative methodology. Well defined case studies will be selected and investigated with regards to the focus areas of the project. For every iteration, more sophistication will be added to the case studies, with ascending complexity to produce incremental results. All work packages will generate refined requirements, specifications and methods as deliveries, that will be evaluated in each iteration. The evaluation methods and metrics will likewise be refined for every iteration.

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