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Appropriability strategies in the Swedish games industry

Reference number
Funding from Vinnova SEK 2 228 804
Project duration December 2016 - September 2019
Status Completed

Purpose and goal

Have the firms’ appropriability strategies, particularly the usage of IPRs, changed in the digital era? Through a study of Swedish video games industry where digital distribution prevails and IPRs play role (in e.g. derivative works), this project aims to answer that question. A clear digital take-off of IPRs’ propensity is identified (varying across firm sizes and technological platforms though). The signaling/marketing function of IPRs is aggregated in the digital era despite the interactivities embedded in game-play and the cultural openness downplay the importance of IPRs.

Expected results and effects

This project contributes to the general knowledge about: a) how the Swedish video games industry and firms have managed to survive and grow in the digital era; and b) the connection between this survival and the firms’ usages of IPRs and of other appropriability means. This knowledge is important for policy makers and regulators to understand the (in) sufficiency of current (IPRs) protection and of innovation support. It is also important for business managers/investors to create awareness on the dynamic transformation of the general appropriability conditions in the Digital Era.

Planned approach and implementation

The study collects primary data from semi-structured (firm) interviews and an industry-wide survey. It involves firms of different sizes, operated in different technological platforms (console, PC and mobile), established in different time period (e.g. “born digital” or not) and of different functions (developers, publishers). Key building blocks in appropriability literature are examined and adapted. Quantitative data from Dataspelsbranschen, EPO (patent) and EUIPO (trademark), Bolagsverket (firm growth data) are used complementarily for analytical triangulation.

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