An experimentally organised economy: A Proposal for a Strategic Knowledge Platform

Reference number 2018-04797
Coordinator Lunds universitet - CIRCLE
Funding from Vinnova SEK 11 600 473
Project duration December 2018 - December 2021
Status Ongoing

Purpose and goal

The Knowledge Platform on an Experimentally Organized Economy (EOE) will bring together research environments and policy makers in the field of entrepreneurial experimentation. The purpose is to increase our understanding of to what extent and in what ways public and private action can contribute to a more effective and efficient entrepreneurial experimentation, and thereby a better performing experimentally organized economy. Objectives 1.Become a hub for knowledge exchange between research and policy 2.Foster policy understanding of EOE 3.Create a research infrastructure

Expected results and effects

The platform will focus on three analytical levels: how entrepreneurial experimentation contributes to long-term renewal in different kinds of systems, as well as on how this can be more effective. (the Experimental society). the creation, selection and scaling-up processes of experimental ventures and organizations, as well as on how this can be more effective (the Experimental organizations). the link between entrepreneurial experimentation and skills and labour mobility, as well as on how this can be more effective (the Experimental individual).

Planned approach and implementation

1. Establish a national and international network of excellence of scholars and policy makers in the field of an experimentally organised economy 2. Finding synergies in sharing data: development of a national (Swedish) data set, including firm-based (Serrano) data, case based empirical data (e.g. regions/sectors/technologies), and compilation of joint data on Swedish and international policy initiatives related to the EOE 3. Design and implement a Research Program based on original research projects in the field of entrepreneurial experimentation

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