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Adaptation of advanced science for sustainable refurbishment of contemporary buildings

Reference number
Coordinator CBI Betonginstitutet AB - CBI Betonginstitutet AB - Borås
Funding from Vinnova SEK 2 120 000
Project duration December 2008 - June 2012
Status Completed

Purpose and goal

Construction industry is in need of innovative and effective strategies for renovation. The project will focus on exchange of theoretical and practical knowledge, compilation of the know-how, design of new methodologies and educational courses, international networking and publication of the research results. The main goals of the project are: - To enlarge the academic record of the project leader that will result in an appointment for an associate professor position at the Royal Institute of Technology. - To start and maintain an exchange of activity and experience between CBI and BAM, thus contribute to a substantial increase of their theoretical and practical knowledge about building materials in conjunction with sustainable renovation of buildings. - To initiate a European Forum for Sustainable Renovation and develop a vision and roadmap for the renovation, supported by the network between scientists and practitioners. - To increase the potential for future activities concerning the preparation of bilateral and European research projects, exchange of scientists between CBI and BAM resulting in the development of multidisciplinary international networks, workshops and courses.

Results and expected effects

The main result of this project will be an advanced internationalisation and increased competence of the project leader. The expected impact of the project is a modification of traditional renovation industry by implementing smart concepts for renovation and maintenance. The strategy is to create a decision models for efficient, cost effective and sustainable renovation of buildings by use of the knowledge and experience available at CBI and BAM. A state of the art will be prepared; contacts with other building research environments will be made by participation in international conferences and networks.

Approach and implementation

The collaboration is planned to start in June 2009 and end in December 2011. During first 1.5 year the project leader will primarily work at BAM and during the last year mainly at CBI. In order to keep the cooperation in dynamic mode a frequent travelling between the institutes is included in the activity plan. The planned activities will consist of several interconnected tasks based on mutual agreement: - State-ofthe Art report: to summarize the knowledge about renovation at CBI and BAM - To define the demand and reasons for renovation in Sweden and Germany (aspects of material, energy, economy, environmental, health and safety, socio-psychological and aesthetics) - To build up a systematic strategy for investigation of the damage and need of renovation - To develop an International Forum for Renovation, which will be based on former experience, that will serve as a common platform for exchange of knowledge and experience not only between CBI and BAM but with the progress of the project will include other national and international scientific and industrial partners - Evaluation and implementation of the new methodology and knowledge - Dissemination of the results: organisation and participation at conferences; meetings; articles; preparation of new courses. The practical and theoretical knowledge will be implemented at CBIs research, consulting and education activities. The ambition is to implement the gained knowledge, experience and contacts into the industry and academia through the Forum for Renovation. Conferences, seminars, courses for students and practitioners will be organised.

The project description has been provided by the project members themselves and the text has not been looked at by our editors.

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Reference number 2008-03421

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