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4-dimensional geological modelling of mineral belts

Reference number
Coordinator Luleå tekniska universitet - Centrum för tillämpad malmgeologi
Funding from Vinnova SEK 9 007 000
Project duration September 2007 - June 2012
Status Completed

Purpose and goal

4-dimensional geological modelling of mineral beltsThe aim is to build robust 4D-geo-models visualised in EU-standardized GIS-systems which can be used for resource estimation as well as measure the likely environmental and societal impacts of mineral extraction throughout the entire life cycle from discovery to closure, as well as financial and legislative limitations, to avoid conflicts in land use. A predictive 4D-geo-model of the top 5 km of the Earth´s crust in the Skellefte district constitutes the fundamental aim of the project. The geo-models will be visualized in software that should be user-friendly and available for all partners.

Results and expected effects

The project constitutes the first ambition to construct comprehensive 3D models of the upper kilometers of the earth crust in Sweden. The result will be GIS-based quariable databases in 3D over parts of the Skellefte mining district. This will lead to better exploration models for metals resources at depth in the area and the impact is potentially a longer life ´span for mining in the region which in turn have enormous importance for the society in terms of employment opportunities

Approach and implementation

The implementation of the work plan is broken down in several annual steps, based on recruitment stage (first year), field work planning stage, field work, construction and implementation of database, interpretation and evalutation of data and finally reporting (both to VINNOVA, industrial partner and in scientific journals). The methods used are a number of inter dependent modelling software (based on the GoCAD software), geophysical methods, with new high resolution seismics as the backbone.

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