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Modern rules of the game to promote innovation

Published: 8 June 2021

Vinnova supports smart policy development at government agencies, to create modern and effective rules of the game for markets and the public sector that facilitate innovation. Three new policy labs have now started, which deal with instruments for sustainable consumption, producer responsibility for fishing gear and pharmaceutical services.

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The demands for a more open and change-prone public sector increase with the development of society, which is becoming increasingly complex. Among other things, technological development and changed behaviors put pressure on laws, rules and established working methods of authorities and other public activities.

Vinnova therefore works to promote smart policy development, to create modern and effective rules of the game for markets and the public sector.

- Public activities need to test themselves in realistic contexts and work together broadly across organizational boundaries to get a holistic view of the systems and see what works. Both digitalisation and user-centered methods also provide new opportunities to engage the public when policies are formulated, says Adrian Solitander, who works with smart policy development at Vinnova.

Vinnova supports so-called policy labs, where authorities and other organizations apply design thinking to develop policy instruments. An example is the Swedish Tax Agency and the Swedish Public Employment Service, which are working to find new ways that work in the new gig economy. Another example is the National Food Administration and municipalities in Sweden that work to improve the system around school meals. Previously, Vinnova has, among other things, supported the Swedish Transport Agency's policy development when it comes to permits for tests with self-driving vehicles.

Vinnova is now investing in three new policy labs:

Instruments for sustainable consumption, Swedish Consumer Agency

Through practical experiments, the project will evaluate policy instruments to reduce the environmental impact from the consumption of food, household goods (furniture / furnishings / building materials) and textiles. The project is carried out within the framework of the Environmental Objectives Council's program area Policy instruments for sustainable consumption, where about ten authorities cooperate. It is expected to lead to concrete proposals for instruments and other measures that are expected to be effective in achieving more environmentally sustainable consumption.

Smart policy development within producer responsibility for fishing gear, Swedish Maritime Administration, Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, Sotenäs municipality

The Swedish Marine and Water Authority will contribute with proposals for and be responsible for a completely new system of legislation, regulations and administrative regulations, in order to help reduce plastic in the marine environment in accordance with a new EU directive. The Swedish Maritime Administration and the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency will develop new working methods and collaborate between the authorities, municipal activities, producers, business actors and citizens to investigate how a producer responsibility can work in practice for producers and users of fishing gear.

Policy lab for pharmaceutical services, the Swedish Dental and Pharmaceutical Benefits Agency

Lack of drug use is a societal challenge where several efforts need to be made at different levels. The policy lab will stimulate the pharmacy actors' innovative power and take advantage of the experience and competence available to various actors to develop the role of pharmacies and pharmacists in the use of medicines. The role of the Swedish Dental and Pharmaceutical Benefits Agency is to create conditions for good collaboration between different stakeholders, propose a new regulatory framework and a new compensation model based on robust decision bases.

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