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Swedish success in international effort on urban mobility

Published: 20 May 2021

Sweden is strongly represented in a European effort on research and innovation for sustainable urban mobility. Gothenburg, Norrköping and Stockholm are some of the cities which, together with companies, universities and research institute RISE gives Swedish participation in eight out of 15 transnational projects. The projects will, among other things, lead to urban areas being used more efficiently and that it will be easier to choose sustainable journeys.

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- We are very happy that the Swedish applicant has succeeded so well in this international context. Swedish cities, universities, institutes and companies have central roles in more than half of the projects, which both indicates that we have strong actors in this field and that there is still a lot to do to contribute to a transition to more sustainable cities, communities and mobility system, says Annika Bergendahl, area manager at Vinnova.

The Swedish parties share just over SEK 33 million. The financing comes from Formas, the Swedish Energy Agency and Vinnova.

- We have had a very good and rewarding collaboration between the authorities throughout this process, which we believe has benefited and facilitated the Swedish applicant, says Annika Bergendahl and is supported by Maria Alm at the Swedish Energy Agency who coordinates the Swedish authorities.

Common to the eight projects with Swedish participation is that they focus on sustainable urban mobility and accessibility, that they have a user-centered approach and that they involve cities in both Sweden and Europe. The focus and focus of the projects, on the other hand, differ, and there is a great breadth in the composition.

- It is very fun to see the composition of project that the call has resulted in. We believe and hope that they will already during the project period generate knowledge and solutions that can quickly be used in both Sweden and Europe. In the long run, the results can lead to areas in both cities and communities being used more efficiently and lead to it becoming easier for all of us to make sustainable choices when we travel, says Annika Bergendahl.

The projects will start in May 2021 and will run for three years.

Project with Swedish participation

  • Two project focus on how the conditions for certain modes of transport can be improved - pedestrian traffic in the WalkUrban, and micro-mobility (such as electric scooters) in the COCOMO.
  • Two project address issues related to urban logistics - Awaken Sleeping Assets examines how infrastructure and resources can be used more efficiently, and GeoSence examines solutions and acceptance for geofencing (special zones where connected vehicles can be controlled in different ways).
  • Two project want to improve the conditions for planning for sustainable mobility - CATAPULT focuses on policies for automated mobility solutions, andTAP for uncertain futures, which aims to develop the approach to uncertainty in planning for sustainable mobility.
  • Two project are about human behavior - Dynamic Mobility Nudge investigates how different forms of data can be used to promote sustainable transport behavior, EASIER which with the help of a mix of skills will develop user-oriented tools for a more seamless everyday mobility.

About the program

The projects have been approved within the framework of the international collaboration Joint Programming Initiative (JPI) Urban Europe and the program initiative ERA-NET Urban Accessibility and Connectivity.

This is the first joint call within the program where Formas, the Swedish Energy Agency and Vinnova finance the Swedish participants. The Swedish Energy Agency is the public authority responsible for, in close collaboration with Formas and Vinnova, administering the Swedish parties to the projects.

Read more about the investment and future investments in the area and take part in information about the approved projects on JPI Urban Europes's website.


Annika Bergendahl

Strategic Area Lead Sustainable Built Environments

Last updated 20 May 2021

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