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Innovation fighting covid-19 and future pandemics

Published: 8 October 2020

We are now investing 32 million in innovation that will help curb the spread and effects of covid-19 and prevent future pandemics. The projects include better breathing masks, testing of how existing drugs work against the disease and new methods to counteract the widespread spread in vulnerable groups.

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The investment takes place within a governmental assignment to the Swedish Research Council and Vinnova to fund research in connection with the corona pandemic. There are six innovation projects and five feasibility studies that receive funding. The results from the projects are expected to be useful already during the ongoing pandemic or lead to increased preparedness for future pandemics.

The eleven projects receive funding totaling approximately SEK 32 million.

Example of project:

New method for counteracting large-scale spread in vulnerable groups

The spread of covid-19 has been particularly large in vulnerable groups and areas. To counteract the widespread spread of pandemics in vulnerable groups and areas, the project will, with the help of specially trained home care staff interviewing residents and relatives, develop a method for two-way communication with particularly vulnerable groups. The results will be made available to municipalities, regions and national authorities and disseminated internationally.

Coordinator: Stiftelsen Institutet for future studies

New cellulose-based masks that are easier to breathe in

The project will develop new respiratory protection in cellulose that is more durable and easier to breathe in than current protection. Face masks are essential for alleviating pandemics, but existing masks are often uncomfortable for long-term use. Therefore, there is a need for better masks that provide the same protection with better comfort. A new innovative filter based on cellulose fabric can both achieve as high or even higher filter efficiency than today's masks and offer better breathability.

Coordinator: Mid Sweden University

Screening of existing drugs to prevent severe covid-19

Before a vaccine is available, it is important to identify methods to protect vulnerable patients. The project will test existing drugs to see if they have an effect on covid-19 using a new method for screening in human lung cells.

Coordinator: Lund University

A new antiviral drug provides better preparedness for the next pandemic

During the covid-19 pandemic, enterovirus has been mentioned as the next potential pandemic. There is currently no approved antiviral treatment for enterovirus. The project will develop a new drug with a broad antiviral effect and a high threshold for the development of resistance.

Coordinator: Curovir AB


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Call manager, Vinnova

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<p>We're making several investments in innovations in the wake of the corona crisis. The aim is to fund and promote initiatives that can support society in a challenging time.</p>

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