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Press release

Precision medicine is introduced in health care

Published: 3 July 2020

Vinnova is investing an additional 36 million on the national power collection Genomic Medicine Sweden (GMS), which enables more individualized care. The new technology enables more patients to receive the right treatment at the right time and the collaboration between healthcare, business and academia contributes to strengthening Sweden's position as an attractive country for innovation and clinical research.

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Genomic Medicine Sweden (GMS) is a national effort that since 2018 has been working on research and development of gene-sequence-based diagnostics and the introduction of the new methods in health care, to enable more individualized care.

Through genetically individualized diagnostics and treatment, more patients can more quickly get the right diagnosis and access to the right care. Implementation is ongoing for the diagnosis of cancer and rare hereditary diseases and several new methods are under development for the diagnosis of common diseases such as diabetes, asthma and cardiovascular disease. GMS also works with the diagnosis of multi-resistant bacteria and viruses and participates in the national strategy for testing SARS-CoV-2.

The initiative behind the initiative is the country's medical faculties together with seven regions in collaboration with SciLifeLab and the business community. Regional genome centers have been established in the health care regions that are part of the collaboration, with the task of coordinating the introduction of newly developed methods in health care throughout the country and assisting with research support.

- We want to support the continued development and introduction of precision medicine, including gene sequence-based diagnostics, as a natural part of health care to ensure that patients have equal access to the best possible care. GMS is an important component of this development and for consolidating Sweden's international position as a prominent innovation country in life science, says Lars Hammarström, head of division Health division at Vinnova.

Vinnova participates in financing the collaboration and now contributes SEK 36 million to GMS for 2020-2021. The funding will contribute to the continued introduction of precision medicine in health care and promote new research and innovation collaborations between industry, healthcare and academia. Participating parties in the investment co-finance with a total of SEK 52 million.


Lars Hammarström

Director, Head of division

+46 8 473 31 01

Last updated 3 July 2020

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