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Testbed Sweden

Vinnova is working to strengthen the prospects for testbeds in Sweden. The aim is to inform more businesses and organisations, large and small, of the available environments.

Test and demonstration environments, referred to as testbeds, are becoming increasingly important for the public and private sectors as goods and services are developed at a more rapid pace and they become increasingly complex.

Vinnova has been given responsibility for a national coordinating mechanism to strengthen test and demonstration activities in Sweden. We also want to provide and disseminate information on the hundreds of testbeds available in Sweden and work to ensure that these will also be attractive internationally.

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Would you also like exposure here?

If you would like exposure here for your testbed or expertise about testbeds, please contact us.

We revise the list of testbeds regularly and are eager to get in touch with you if you think that your activities should be included with us.

What is a testbed?

At Vinnova, we regard a testbed as a physical or virtual environment in which companies, academia and other organisations can collaborate in the development, testing and introduction of new products, services, processes or organisational solutions in selected areas. In our survey of testbeds in Sweden, it's also important that the testbeds be open to users outside the individual organisation and be available for use for lengthy periods by a variety of different actors.

Testbeds can involve almost any type of environment. To make matters easier, they generally are divided into three levels: laboratory environment, simulated environment and real environment. The first two environments are used primarily in academia and institutes and by industry, while the third largely involves the public sector.

Three different levels

The pictures show the three levels we use to devide the testbeds: The first pictures shows the MAX IV laboratory in Lund, one example of a testbed in a laboratory environment. The second piture shows Asta Zero in Borås – a controlled environment testbed. And the third picture shows the Swedish testbed for innovative radiotherapy, a real environment testbed.

Ett exempel på en labbmiljö
Ett exempel på en simulerad miljö
Ett exempel på en verklig miljö

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Please contact us if you have questions about Testbädd Sweden.

If you want to be seen here with your test bed or knowledge about test beds, please contact us.

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